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Different Chart Types for Post Mortem Analysis of Autonomous Robotic Tasks

As used by RAFCON for the ROBEX Campaign 2017 on Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy


In the following, anaysis results of a moon-analogue demonstration mission in the context of the ROBEX project are shown. The LRU [0] had to autonmously deploy a seismic measurement unit to several regions of interest (of approx. 30 meters distance) on the surface of Mt. Etna. The name of this mission was "Active Seismic Measurements". The autonomy of the robot was programmed with RAFCON [1], a framework to program complex robotic behavior and to analyze the execution traces of an executed task.


This is the Gantt chart of the execution of of the mission. Pleas click on the image to get a life view of the diagram, in which the user can zoom in and out and translate the view to interesting spots. On the x-axis the time is shown. On the y-axis the different "action_types", each action belongs to, is shown.




The above images show different types of resource capability profiles for the mission. The most left chart shows a default RCP with of multpile resources. The second chart shows the same RCP, where the capability of most of the resources are plotted as a bar chart. The last chart again shows the same resources as the the other two, but this time the usage of resources are plotted and not the availability of them (inverted view). By clicking on an image a life view of the diagram is shown, in which the user can zoom in and out and translate the view to interesting spots.

The readability of the resource usage increases from left to right.



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