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Software and Research Groups
in the field of Object-Oriented Modelling

Below, a list of object-oriented modelling software products is collected together with links to the corresponding Web-pages of the products to get more information on them. The second column refers to the research groups developing the software products. The "features" column should give a short hint in which area the software tools are applied. This is, of course, a subjective description. To get more "objective" information follow the corresponding link to the software tool.

Software Research Group Features
ASCEND Prof. Art Westerberg
Engineering Design Research Center
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Large scale models
(10000-20000 non-linear equations).
Support of units.
Application domains:
Chemical engineering.
Dynasim AB
Research Park Ideon
S-22370 Lund
Graphical model composition (object-diagram editor).
Continuous/discrete systems.
Efficient symbolic transformation.
3D animation and plotting.
Simulator: Dymosim, SIMULINK or ACSL.
Application domains:
Multi-body systems, electrical circuits,
block diagrams, drive trains, petri nets, ...
Process Systems Enterprise Ltd.
Bridge Studios,
107A Hammersmith Bridge Road,
London W6 9DA,
United Kingdom
Equation based.
Continuous/discrete systems.
Integro-partial differential equations.
Application domains:
Chemical process models
Modelica Simulation in Europe (SiE)
Unified object-oriented
language for physical systems modelling.
Application domains:
Bond graphs, buildings, chemical systems,
electrical circuits, multi-body systems,
petri nets, statecharts, thermodynamical systems, etc.
BrisData AB
Västerlanggatan 27
111 29 Stockholm
Equation based models.
Equations can be generated at run-time.
Continuous/discrete systems.
Application domains:
models of buildings, thermodynamical systems.
Special purpose GUI-based tools for
non-simulation experts.
Omola/OmSim Dr. Sven Erik Mattsson
Departement of Automatic Control,
Lund Institute of Technology
Box 118
S-22100 Lund,
Continuous/discrete systems.
Object-diagram editor. Support of units.
Application domains:
Control systems, chemical process modelling, ...
Analogy, Inc.
9205 S.W. Gemini Drive
Beaverton, OR 97008
Mixed-signal simulator for electrical/electronic
and multi-technology circuits and systems.
Analog, digital and mixed-signal,
DC operating point, transient analysis,
small signal AC analysis, SPICE->Saber, ...
Application domains:
Large component libraries for electronic devices,
Libraries in other domains, e.g.
1-dim. mechanical systems.
Shift California PATH
University of California at Berkeley
Richmond Field Station Bldg. 452
1301 S. 46th St.
Richmond, CA 94804-4698
Dynamic networks of hybrid automata.
Simple state space models in
finite automata which can be
dynamically changed.
Application domains:
Automated highway systems,
Air traffic control systems, etc.
SIDOPS+, 20-SIM Control Laboratory
University of Twente
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
Mechatronics modelling based on
bond graphs.
Smile Prof. Dr. Ing. S. Jähnichen
Forschungsgruppe Softwaretechnik
Fachbereich Informatik
Technische Universität Berlin
Franklinstraße 28-29
D-10587 Berlin
Equations based models.
Application domains:
energy systems.
VHDL-AMS IEEE 1076.1 Working Group Standardization effort to develop analog extensions
to VHDL (= standard for discrete
electronics systems modelling)
Application domains:
Electronic/electric circuits,
other domains like 1-dim mechanical systems.


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